Thursday, June 18, 2009

Graduation was a 50's theme this year.
Monique did a fantastic job with all the dances.

They had been learning the songs for a while, and every time I caught her singing them at home she would cover her mouth and say,
"oops, I forgot it's a secret."
Well, the secret is out and it was really cute.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Goin' Home!

After a fun-filled week in California, the time had come to go back to Colorado. We were all exhausted, and I was grateful for the afternoon flight. Unfortunately, Olivia didn't get the memo to sleep in, and she was calling to us at 6:00 a.m. Luckily, Kirk was a nice boy and took her out to go exploring for a little while so the rest of us could sleep. They found an outdoor mall to walk around, window shop, had a little breakfast, and Olivia was able to just run and play.

Monique loves flying on the airplane, and having Kirk's undivided attention.

Mommy, I can see our house from here!

The best ride of all?
The train at the Denver Airport.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Vacation: Day Five


We went to see Playhouse Disney Live, and Monique and Olivia were in heaven. They loved seeing all their favorite characters. Olivia's favorite part was when the Little Einsteins asked her to "pat, pat, pat" to get Rocket going. Monique's favorite part was when bubbles came down from the "sky" and landed on her nose.

We're hungry!
Bring us our lunch Mommy!

Hangin' with Manny

Monique was in heaven at this place. The Fairy Godmother's in Training helped her turn into a beautiful princess. She was pampered and beautified for about an hour. Kirk took Olivia on some rides during this time, and Bella didn't want to be a Princess.

After the addition of some long beautiful hair, and some Fairy Dust...

Our beautiful Princess emerges from the chair.
I think this was the greatest moment of her life so far
(except for meeting Cinderella of course)

While I took Olivia to the hotel for a nap, Kirk and the older girls went over to Tom Sawyer's Island. The girls have never been there before, and they had a great time running around, and seeing all the Pirate stuff. When Bella tried to steal the Pirate's gold, a skeleton hand came down and scared the stuffin' out of her. It was a nice change from standing in lines for rides.

I want to buckle myself!

The last ride of the night for Olivia was Buzz Light Year. For Izabella, Monique and me it was the Matterhorn. What an amazing time we've had, but I'm pooped!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Family Vacation: Day Four


It's not Shamu, but the girls loved seeing the Dolphin show. Olivia had a great time, and didn't even cry when the Pilot Whales came by and splashed all of us. After the show, Olivia kept asking, "Wet again?"

Oh no! Watch out for the giant shark mouth behind bars! Ya, not so scary when you can't even get close. The Shark Encounter was Kirk's favorite attraction. Oh, and this ride they are on made me very sick. It was twisty, turny, and up and downy. The girls loved it though.

We were waiting for the pet show to start, but after I looked at the pictures later, I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know if Kirk was enjoying his cotton candy or not.

Look mom, some stinky fish. Yup, my children were feeding the seals with the stinky fish. Almost all the fish made it to the seals, but Olivia's last fish was snatched up by a seagull.

This was the crowning moment of the day. Right before the park closed, the girls were able to pet the Manarays. I loved watching them get so excited. It was a great ending to our time in Sea World.

After Sea World, it was off to Old Town San Diego for some fantastic Mexican food. After we picked the restaurant, (Coyote Cafe) Kirk and I had Dejavu. We realized that 7 years earlier, my brother had taken us to this restaurant while we were visiting him. Kirk even remembered where the bathroom was located, so it must have made an impression on him. The girls loved their food, and Olivia made sure we noticed that she was eating.

After dinner we took a walk through Old Town. The girls had fun looking in all the shops, and playing the many Pioneer equipment. How wonderful to enjoy a nice walk after dinner and watch our beautiful children play.

On the way back to the hotel in Anaheim, the Border Patrol had the freeway closed, and they were checking cars. Good thing Kirk has a good poker face, because they just waved us through. Whew! We dodged a bullet and they didn't find the fruit in our back seat! The girls slept all the way home, and then slept all night at the hotel. We were all tired, but happy after a fun day in San Diego.

I didn't get any pictures of Shamu!