Saturday, April 24, 2010

Easter 2010

We are total slackers and forgot to get new batteries for our camera, so we have no pictures of Easter morning. We did have fun though!

We waited until Bella came home from Utah to color our eggs, so the night before, we were up kind of late coloring eggs. After coloring our eggs, we put our baskets out with empty, plastic eggs, and the next morning the eggs were all hidden and full of CANDY! The kids had a fantastic time finding all of them.

After finding the eggs, the kids tore into their baskets. Every year the Easter Bunny brings us books. Izabella received the second book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Sea of Monsters. Monique received "David Goes to School," (part of the "No David" series) Olivia received "Meet Olivia!" She loves hearing her name as we read about Olivia the Pig.

Because it was conference Sunday, it was a very relaxed day. We watched conference, ate candy and enjoyed a wonderful family day. I made a nice ham dinner (which the kids didn't eat much of because of all the chocolate) and loved the day with my family.

The next Sunday, the girls wore their Easter dresses. Izabella does not want to match with her sisters anymore so I made them all the same style but different. I saw these really cute dresses at Target with a t-shirt top and a skirt. I could not bring myself to pay what they wanted for them when I knew I could make them so easily. I bought in-expensive t-shirts, cut them off and added the skirt (which I already had a pattern for) Izabella's was even easier since she had the 1 1/2 black elastic in the middle. I just sewed the skirt and top right to the elastic. It was super fun and I think they turned out really cute! (of course, I made matching dresses for their American Girl Dolls. We forgot to take a picture of Izabella's doll!) I covered a headband with matching fabric for Izabella, and then covered headbands with embroidered daisies for Olivia and Monique.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia

I cannot believe my little baby is 3 years old already! Every day she tells me all about how big she is and she's NOT a baby anymore.

I had a lot of fun planning her birthday this year, because she is soooooo into The Little Mermaid. It's always fun when you know exactly what theme to use. So, this is how it started and what happened.

I decided that my children have too many toys, and since I had so much "resting" time on my hands, I decided to make her some things she could really use. I started with her bedroom. I made her a new blanket for her bed and lots of pillows. (I even found some Ariel sheets on ebay) My very good friend came over to help me paint Olivia's room purple (her favorite color) Actually, because of my surgery she did most of the work and I was grateful, because her room was still brown and green from the previous owners and I did not want to put her cute new bedding in a brown room. Grandma Smith sent a gift card, and I used it to buy her new lime green curtains. I think it turned out so cute!

The blanket is made from fleece and I did it "rag quilt" style. Luckily, I had Izabella to cut all the fringe for me!

I also made a matching pillow case.

After making all the bedding, I had enough fabric left to make a nightgown for Olivia, and a matching nightgown and blanket for her American Girl Doll, Molly.

Because Olivia's birthday was on a Sunday this year, she kind of had a birthday weekend. Friday night I set up her whole room and let her open her nightgown and Molly's nightgown and blanket.

She was super excited.

Saturday was her party. I had so much fun making all her gifts, I couldn't wait to let her start opening them.

The first present was her outfit to wear to her party. I made the pants from some Ariel fabric. Then, I used some iron-on transfer paper to put Ariel on her shirt. I found some flowers at the dollar store, and then sewed them to a barrette. I then used modge podge to put an Ariel image on a large button and added that as the center of the flower. I did the same thing for the flower on her flip flops. I then attached the flower to the front of the flip flops so she could have Ariel shoes. She loved it!

Of course, I made a matching outfit for Molly.

I also made her another outfit from an old pair of jeans I cut off and added a ruffle and then made a matching shirt. Plus, I made another matching outfit for Molly.

For the next outfit, I used iron-on transfer paper again and an old pair of jeans. I cut the jeans off and then added the purple Ariel ruffle. The jewelry was a gift from one of her friends.

Not pictured:

1. I used iron-on transfer paper and small images from "The Little Mermaid Movie" and using plain colored panties, made her lots of Ariel panties. Now she doesn't have to cry when she gets dressed in the morning because she always has plenty.

2. Using the same purple fabric I used for the skirt, I made a dress for Olivia and a matching dress for Molly. (I'll have to snap a picture next time she wears it)

3. I used the same purple fabric to make one more shirt, and then made her a denim "poodle" skirt, but instead of a poodle I used an Ariel iron-on. She loves to twirl in her "twirly skirt" (again, I'll have to snap a picture next time)

4. I also made some purple flip flops just like the pink ones pictured above

5. I made a few more t-shirts using the iron-on transfer paper.

Needless to say, Olivia has plenty of Ariel apparel now! (and it was so fun making it)

OK, on to the party. This year we went to Meadowood Recreation Center. The center provides a room for you to use, and they have this great gymnastics room that during a birthday party they let the kids play on all the equipment. Plus, they have a big jumpy castle that they also have set up for the kids. It's an amazing, energetic, fun time for all!

The Guest List:

Look! We both have Ariel shirts!

Playing in the Gym

Opening presents and having cake and ice cream:

This year Olivia's cake was, of course, Ariel themed. In trying to keep with my "things she can use" ideas, I found a fantastic Ariel nightlight to use for the cake topper. I just coiled up the cord, covered it with foil and cut a hole in the cake to put the the bottom of the light (with the coiled cord) inside, and then proceeded to cover it with frosting. You can't tell, but I used three different shades of blue to make the "water" and then you have the coral reef life. It was a fun cake to decorate!

I think Olivia really liked it!

After all the partying, we came home to open gifts from Grandma and Grandpa. They gave her a beautiful Ariel Princess nightgown and an Ariel dress up outfit complete with shoes!

Sunday morning finally came (her real birthday) and Mommy and Daddy had one more surprise for Olivia. A baby Ariel that can "swim" with Olivia during all the baths she takes everyday while pretending that she is a real mermaid.