Saturday, May 30, 2009

Family Vacation: Day Three

On the third day of vacation my true love gave to me....a day at the beach! We had such a fantastic time visiting Newport Beach. The first thing the girls did was run into the ocean without their swimsuits, and we had to buy them all new clothes. I wasn't planning to play in the water until afternoon....with our suits, but they had other ideas. It was so fun to watch them. Olivia's shorts finally became so heavy they fell off. Some of my favorite pictures were taken during this time. I love all the pictures of Kirk playing with the girls.

We had planned to take a ferry to Balboa Island, but decided to take a harbor boat tour instead. It was fun to see all the houses on the water and the girls loved seeing all the Sea Lions. It was mating season so they were all very vocal. Kirk thought it was so funny every time we saw some Sea Lions on one of the very expensive boats. Our tour guide informed us that it's not uncommon for Sea Lions to have a party on a boat, and sink it! I couldn't believe how many Sea Lions had squished themselves on the buoy.

After the harbor tour, we went back to the beach with our suits. We had a blast! Olivia didn't even care when she was smacked in the face with a few waves...she would smile and say "again!" Izabella and I were knocked over by a couple of big waves. It was so fun and sunny...and we were all pooped! Another amazing day on vacation in California!

Family Vacation: Day Two

Day Two of our vacation started at California Adventure. Izabella loves the screamer. It's one of her favorite rides. Luckily, Grandma was with us, and Kirk and I were able to go on the Screamer with Izabella while Grandma and the little girls went on Monsters Inc., and saw the Muppets 3D show (which is great by the way!) Personally, the Screamer wasn't as great as I thought it was going to be, but still fun. We're always a little more tired on day two, but the kids did fantastic, and we had another exciting, fun-filled day. I LOVE DISNEYLAND!

"O" for Olivia

They are building a huge new attraction.
I think Izabella wants a job!

Giving her new princess bear a
shoulder ride.

Monique's favorite ride.

If you look closely, you can see her little
face over in the
left corner next to Kirk.

Ladybug, twisty, make me sick ride.
(but the kids love it!)

I sure hope Monique doesn't bring this guy home for dinner someday!

Taking a rest in the stroller.
(Those rental strollers at Disneyland must be pretty comfy.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Family Vacation: Day One

Wow! It has been a very busy two and a half weeks! I don't even know where to begin, so I will begin at the best part....CALIFORNIA! Yup, we went on a week long family vacation and had a fantastic time. We packed so much in, I'm going to have to do a post for each buckle up and please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times and hold on tight!

You should always stop to smell the flowers on the way to
Disneyland or any time in life

Oh no! They caught me!

I'm not sure that "Small World" was exciting enough for Izabella,
but she was a good sport about going two times in a row.

Beautiful Princess

We've never met Jasmine and Aladdin before.
Olivia was so excited.

Olivia LOVED "Small World"
but it wasn't her favorite.

Her favorite was the "Choo Choo."
We rode the train around the park too many times to count.

Monique's favorite ride?
Good thing it was warm.
(FYI....Izbella told Kirk to make a funny he did!)

Getting messy and sticky while waiting for the parade.

The end of a fantastic
Day One in Disneyland!