Friday, October 31, 2008


This years' theme:


Otherwise know as a Pioneer Family,
but Old West sounds so much more interesting!


Izabella did not want to wear a dress, so we made her the
Cowgirl Outlaw!


Monique, of course, wanted to be pretty, so I made this Old West fancy dress, complete with pantaloons.
(Those are the cutest part!)


Olivia is our little Pocahontas.
She had a beaded belt, but she doesn't have any hips to hold it up,
and it fell around her ankles and broke.


This pioneer wife hasn't missed any meals! Those pioneer dresses are not the most flattering things in the world. Kirk is Mr. Serious. I think he might still be in Vulcan mode. I never, never, never want to sew a ruffle that big on a dress again. What a pain! Thanks to Louise for the use of her patterns.

What a cute group! I love these girls.
This picture really shows their personalities!

Daddy, Daughter....yup, still in Vulcan mode.
Monique loves to get her picture taken.

Oh, not so serious now, are we Mr. Serious Pants.
You get 'em Bella!

Cute baby Poops-a-Lot in Forest.


After every house, Olivia wanted to open her candy and eat it. After about 10 houses, Monique was ready to go home. So, Grandma and I took Bella out and she came back with too, too much candy!


Playing with Knives

This takes a lot of concentration!

Ahhhh..pumpkin carving day. All the guts, all the stringy mess, and oh the knives! Kirk always grabs some crazy big knife, and this time he let Izabella use it. (of course, after he opened the wrong end of the pumpkin. For some reason, he can't tell the top from the bottom) I usually have the girls draw a face on the pumpkin, and then I carve it for them. While I was carving Izabella's for her, I looked over, and Kirk had given her the big, really sharp knife, and she was going at his pumpkin for him. Monique was really proud of her pumpkin. You can't see it, but we put an "M" for Monique on the back of her jacko. Olivia liked sticking her hand inside. She just kept sticking her hand in, and then laughing. It was great entertainment for her. My pumpkin had become a little mushy, so it started to fall apart, so I had to do some surgery to keep it together. Thanks to Grandma for carving Olivia's pumpkin.

The finished products

Picking Pumpkins

We have an amazing Pumpkin Patch not too far from our house. They have a hay bale maze with creepy creatures at the end, a big jumpie castle, and all kinds of fun activities...and it's all FREE! (except the pumpkins of course.) Jean, Kirk and I were so excited to take the kids and have a great time, but apparently, we forgot to tell them they were supposed to have a great time. The kids were so tired and cranky, they couldn't even have fun. Seth and Olivia kept fighting over wagons, Monique wanted to get her pumpkin and go, and Bella just couldn't seem to find a suitable pumpkin within the budget given her. She must have looked at 30 pumpkins. Finally, I told her to just grab one so we could get the crying children away from the sea of orange baubles.

This is not the one she chose,
but she kept picking them up hoping if they were small enough,
they would be free.

Monique picked her pumpkin right problem.

Olivia didn't want any stinkin' pumpkins.
Stop trying to make her smile for a picture.
She doesn't want to take any pictures!

Oh well, maybe next year the kids will get in on the fun.


For those of you who might think the government does not want any type of Holiday celebration, you would be wrong. Here Kirk works at the Federal Building (the FBI is on the top floor) and he is on the committee for the Halloween Lunch today! So guess what guys...what you hear on TV isn't true. Only the politicians want to outlaw Holiday's.
The people working for them want to party all night long!

Hmmmmm...I'm getting into character.
(This must be how Vulcan's stand. I have no idea.
I said "Stand like a Vulcan" and this is what he gave me.)

See what a serious face I can make?
I'm Totally going to win the costume contest.
Just look at what I can do with my hand. I'm awesome!

Um...I'm not sure what this look is,
but it's making me uncomfortable.


Fun in a "Box"

I just found this cute little bench at a thrift store for $12.00! I'm going to re-finish it, and it will look really cute in my family room. The bonus...the seat opens for storage. Now, I can put Olivia's few little toys I let her have in the main family room INSIDE the bench, (where no one can see them. What a great hiding place for junk when unannounced visitors come over.) plus blankets or what not. The options are endless. Anyway, as you can see, the first thing the kids did was climb in. It's like having their own personal box to play in all the time. The only problem is...this "box" has a much heavier lid. Watch your heads girls!

Monday, October 27, 2008



Friday, October 24, 2008

Please Be Quiet!

While on our long, cursed drive to find a camping spot,
Monique had one of her
When Kirk turned to talk to Monique, this is what Olivia was doing, only without the pacifier smile. (As soon as Kirk pulled out the camera, she smiled for him, but still kept her ears plugged.) She was apparently very tired of the noise. I didn't even know she knew how to plug her ears. If you look in the top left corner of this picture you can just barely see Monique and her freak out.
Oh the joys of traveling with children.
The problem is, now if she doesn't want to listen to what I'm saying to her, she will plug her ears and walk away.
That's not quite as cute for some reason.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Ambitious Girl

What Do You Want to Be
When You Grow Up?

Izabella wrote this story for school. I think it is so cute and typical Bella. It reminded me of all the things I wanted to be when I was 7 years old. Some things I have accomplished, and some things I haven't. I always wanted to be a mom, and I'm blessed to have three little, sweet spirits entrusted to me. I do still have a few childhood dreams to fulfill. It's funny, because, just like Bella, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I also wanted to be an archaeologist. Leave a comment about what you wanted to be when you grew would be fun to see all the different childhood aspirations!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


We really wanted a pop-up camp trailer so we could start taking our kids on camping trips. Finally this summer, we have one! We thought we would go camping many, many, times over the summer. Our summer filled up really fast, and at last in August we planned and embarked on our first camping trip. We had decided to go to Grand Junction to the Colorado River State Park. Kirk loves this place, and we were really excited to go and use our trailer. During this attempt we had two flat tires, decided to camp closer to home after we found new tires, it started pouring rain, all the food was in the trailer, and the storage compartment had come open sometime along the way and dropped our handle we needed to crank the trailer open. On top of it all, we received the call about my brother's accident. Not a good attempt at camping.

Since we needed to travel to Utah, school started, and, of course, our handle was missing, we didn't get a chance to try again until Conference weekend. We decided we would go just an hour from home so we could be close by, just in case. The day before our trip, I went to the only camper store in the Denver area (30 minutes from here) that sells the crank handles for pop-up trailers. I purchased the handle, and proceeded to head home to finish packing the trailer. I was feeling quite proud of myself for using our trailer at least once this season. I'm sure you know what's coming....the handle didn't fit. Our trailer is so old, you can't buy the right handle. I spent the rest of the day looking for something that would work. I finally found the little gizmo the trailer Salesperson told me to try after trying many, many different stores...and it didn't work either. Thursday morning, the day we were supposed to leave, I decided to try the last thing I had thought of during the night. If this didn't work, our camping trip would be canceled. With a 1 1/4" square steel tube cut by the helpful people at Home Depot, and the gimpy handle I had found on the side of the freeway hoping by some slim chance it was the one we lost, I rigged a new handle! I know, I'm totally my fathers' child....they don't call him Dumpster Dan for nothin'! I packed our trailer, and we set out before anything else could happen. Our one hour drive turned into two hours because of an accident on the freeway. We were losing daylight fast. After missing the exit for the camp ground, we finally made our way to the Chief Hosa campground ready for our adventure to begin.


Yup, the campground had closed two days before. The attendant was still there and Kirk asked him if any other campgrounds were still open. The only ones he knew of were at least 2 hours away. We were not going that far. We headed back toward our house, and I told Kirk "We don't really want to camp anywhere, we just like to hook up our trailer and drive around to look cool." After stopping at two more campgrounds, both full, we decided to camp at Cherry Creek Reservoir....5 minutes from our house. Pathetic. After driving for 3 hours, enduring a screaming "I HAVE TO GO POTTY" fit from Monique, "are we there yet?" every five minutes from Izabella, and crying from Olivia because she had just had it....we ended up 5 minutes from our house.

To top it all off, our batteries died in the camera, and this is the only picture we ended up taking. This is Olivia experiencing her first campfire. Yes, we could have just run to the store and grabbed some more batteries, but what was the point? We're five minutes from home. Olivia went home to have a nap Friday afternoon. Kirk rode his bike home Saturday morning. We are sad, sad, cursed campers.

I wonder what will happen when we try to go next year....maybe we should just stick to Cherry Creek...5 minutes from Home Sweet Home!

Monday, October 6, 2008


We had an AWESOME activity for our cute Primary kids. They did such a fantastic job on the Primary Program, we had to reward them. We decided to still do something churchie, so their ticket into the party was a letter to one of our missionaries.

These boys are excited for the party!

We split all the kids into 4 groups



We had four fun, fun, fun stations for the kids to rotate through.


Thanks Chaz and Lisa for sharpening your balloon skills and making the kids some really fun and interesting animals, swords, some things
I couldn't recognize...


The kids played musical "chairs" using rugs instead of chairs. (Olivia just ran around the middle of the circle, we couldn't get her to stop even though she wasn't really playing the game. Whether it was the cookies, or the running with the big kids, I don't know, but this was her favorite room.) When they were out, they decorated a cookie with all the rainbow sprinkles and colored sugar their little hearts desired, and then the sugar rush began!

Our winners picked a cake from one of the many wonderful cakes donated by Ward members

This is the cake I donated, and the lucky winner!
(isn't he just a cutie?!)


In our Under the Sea room, the kids danced in the bubbles, fished at the fish pond, and ate all kinds of healthy snacks. I think the goldfish were the biggest hit. Olivia, as you can see, loved all the bubbles and had a great time chasing and popping them.


Boy, we have some flexible kids in our Primary. They are excellent Twister players. I'd pick them for my team anytime!

My counselors and secretary are amazing and make my job so much easier. Also, we had many teachers volunteer to help out. Thanks so much to everyone for a really successful party.