Saturday, August 14, 2010


We love it when Grandma comes to town. It's always an adventure!

It started when her plane was two hours late! You never realize how boring an airport can be until you are sitting there with your children, waiting for Grandma to arrive. Ah well, she made it up to us by buying us all ice cream on the way home.

Saturday morning, it was time to start our day adventure.

I'm ready to go Grandma!

We decided to go down to some pueblos in Colorado Springs. The kids had an amazing time climbing all over the pueblo, and imagining what it would be like to live in those small rooms.

After the pueblos, we headed out to The Airplane Restaurant for some yummy food. My children love this place because you get to sit in an old WWII airplane and play in the cockpit while waiting for your food. (they have fantastic food too!)

On the way home, everyone fell asleep. Well, except Kirk, because he was driving!

*This is an old picture, but I forgot to take one of everyone sleeping
(because I was sleeping!)

Sunday we went to Church, and then Olivia showed Grandma her computer skills.

Monday morning, Grandma took all the girls to buy them some "silly bands" and get balloons for Monique's birthday party. I was grateful for her help, because I really didn't have time to go balloon shopping.

After the party, Grandma took everyone to the American Girl Doll store for new outfits for their dolls. I love that store! It was so fun, and of course, the girls had a hard time deciding. Olivia kept saying, "but I don't have all these things!" It was a wonderful time. (Kirk opted to go the the bookstore while we shopped.)

Monique and Sally

Olivia and Molly

Bella and Valery

Around the American Girl Doll store, the restaurants are doll friendly. So, after the girls put their dolls in the new outfits we headed over to an Italian restaurant. They had little cute chairs for the dolls to sit in, and the girls thought it was the best thing ever and kept asking if we could take the seats home. They were lovely mothers and Valery, Sally and Molly were very well behaved!

We are always sad to see Grandma go, but hey.....Grandpa will be here next week!

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Gilbrides said...

Grandma's are the best!!! They always do the most fun things and always go home way too early! Glad you had such a great time!!